DON'T be scared

These "Spang Kings" are Pain Free!

Be good. be bad. get a spang King.


Good question. Let’s start with the definition of “SPANG”:
According to Merriam-Websters:

Spang – adverb
1. to a complete degree
2. in an exact or direct manner

Some synonyms are: collide, run into, bang, strike, impinge on.

And I came across some risque synonyms as well: roll in the hay, make out, sleep together, etc.

So, to be the King of “Spang” would mean to be a person who does things to a complete degree without any wavering, or in a very direct manner. Or someone who is good or great in the sack!

It just so happens that when put the words together “Spang King”, it does sounds a lot like “Spanking”. And so while it seems that it is just a simple tongue in cheek catch phrase, it actually can have different meanings to different people who dig a little deeper. Maybe the BEST meaning is that all things aren’t always as they appear OR that oftentimes there is more to something than what first glance tells you.

Whatever it means (or doesn’t) to you is fine, Spang King has some cool sh*t. Originally Tshirts & babydoll shirts. Now expanding to offer stickers, car fresheners and koozies to keep your drinks cold (cuz that’s pretty damn important!). We even have cool little “Spang King” keychain paddles in case you need to give someone a “little” Spang King.

Time to revive the “Birthday Spanking” tradition and give birthday Spang Kings! They don’t hurt and everyone could probably use one. Give your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband a Spang King that they won’t soon forget! 😉

Cool t-shirts were just the start. Let us know what should be our next offering. You might just earn yourself a free Spang King.